ISRMTT Society

The Society is publishing a biannual newsletter “ISRMTT News” (ISSN 0971-9040) which provides the latest information and technological developments in India and throughout the world in the field of Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Technology.

ISRMTT also publishes a bi-annual journal “Journal of Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Technology” (JRMTT) (ISSN 0971-9059) and has decided to award seven certificates of merit every year for the best paper, either published in the Journal (JRMTT) or included in a conference/ workshop organised by ISRMTT, on the following topics:

  • Case History of Tunnelling
  • Case History of Foundations on Rock
  • CAD/ Software Packages
  • Application of Rock Mechanics in Hill Development
  • Underground Space Technology
  • Rock Testing and Monitoring of Rock Structures
  • Rock Blasting and Rock Dynamics

The Society helps in dissemination, advising and implementation of latest technology to provide most effective output at minimal cost, which will in turn help in saving of Government/ National funds.

The Society also functions with the help of its Local Chapters at various locations of the country, which provide a reinforcement to its aims and objectives of advancement of technical knowledge and keeping the parent body aware of its activities and developments.