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Prof. B. B. Dhar
Director (Research)
Association of Indian Universities
New Delhi – 110 002
Title Name
A Note On Internet For Rock Engineers Anil Swarup Download
Recent Developments in Rock Support Estimates by the RMi Arild Palmstrom Download
Landslide Hazard Evaluation and Geostatistical Studies in Garhwal Himalaya, India Pankaj Gupta Download
Dynamic Load Assessment in Small Scale Blasting and Design of a Muffling System V M S R Murthy Download
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Professor John A Hudson
Imperial College, London,
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Rock
Mechanics and Mining Sciences
Title Name
Appropriate Loading Techniques in Finite Element Analysis of Mining Structures J Hematian Download
No Tension Zones around Underground Openings Prabhat Kumar Download
Simulation of Jointed Rock Mass Behaviour Using Finite Element Method Sridevi Jade Download
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