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Volume-7 No-1 (January’2001))
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Title Name
Environmental Dimensions of Underground Space Use A. K. Soni Download
Simulation of Bedding Planes in Finite Element Anaysis of Underground Structures I. Porter Download
Variability Analysis of Physico-Mechanical Properties of Some Indian Rocks T. N. Singh Download
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Volume-1 No-2 (July’2001)
J. L. Jethwa
Central Mining Research Institute
Regional Centre, 54-B, Shankar Nagar
NAGPUR – 440010, India
Title Name
Effects of a Non-Uniform Radial Load Distribution on Stress Field in Brazilian Tests A. Lavrov Download
Finite Elements Study of the Subsidence in Longwall Coal Mines K. Rajagopal Download
Stability Analysis of Some Hill Slopes for Tehri Dam Reservoiir Area N. C. N. Srivastava Download
Landslide Protection in Sinking Zone of Darjeeling Himalaya Using Reinfored Soil Technique Somnath Biswas Download
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