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Volume-8 No-1 (January’2002))
Nick Barton
Nick Barton & Associates,
Hovik, Norway
Title Name
Application of the Conventional and a New Failure Criteria in the Stability Analysis of Underground Structures J. Hematian Download
Non-Linear Finite Element Study of Lined Circular Tunnel Prabhat Kumar Download
Geotechnical Investigations and Stability Analysis of Slopes at Matli Site, Uttarkashi District, Uttarachal State, India S. Parkash Download
Steel Fibre Characterisation for Reinforcement of Shotcrete U. K. Singh Download
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Volume-8 No-2 (July’2002)
Prof. Shunsuke Sakurai
Past President of
International Society for Rock Mechanics
President, Hiroshima Institute of Technology,
Hiroshima, Japan
Title Name
Excavation of Turbine Pits for a Hydroelectric Project G. R. Adhikari Download
Current and Future Prospects for Microtunnelling R. L. Sterling Download
Prediction of Stress – Strain Behaviour of Intact and Jointed Rocks in Triaxial Compression T G. Sitharam Download
Effect of Temperature on Quality of Fibre Reinforced Concrete U. K. Singh Download
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