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Volume-11 No-1 (January’2005)
– Prof. Hani Mitri
Dept. of Mining, Metals & Material Engg.,
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Title Name
Prediction of Ground Vibration from Construction Blasts G.R. Adhikari Download
Critical State Mechanics in Non-Linear Failure Criterion for Rocks Mahendra Singh Download
Effect of Rock Mass Quality and Tunnel Size on Lined Pressure Tunnels using FEM Srinivasulu Tadisetty Download
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Volume-11 No-2 (July’2005)
– M. N. Viladkar
Professor of Geotechnical Engg.
Deptt. of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee
Member Editorial Board, JRMTT
Title Name
EMM – An Approach for Prediction of Stability of Rectangular Underground Openings Anupam Mital Download
Slope Failure and Remediation in Hill Stations of Himalayan Region D.K.Soni Download
Economical Grout for Tunnelling through Highly Jointed and
Sheared Water-Charged Strata in Himalayan Region
S. Jakki K. G. Sharma Download
Physical and Constitutive Modelling to Simulate Jointed Rock Mass under Uniaxial Stress State Mahendra Singh Download
Numerical Modelling of Tri-axial Testing of Jointed Rocks using FLAC T. G. Sitharam Ravindra Dwivedi Download
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