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Volume-12 No-1 (January’2006)
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Title Name
Control Measures for Ground Vibration Induced by Blasting at Coal Mines and Assessment of Damage to Surface Structures G. R. Adhikari Download
A Geotechnical Approach to Assess Roof Rock Instability in Underground Coal Mine D. N. Sharma Download
Strength Characteristics of Limestone Under High Pressure D. K. Soni
Ashwani Jain
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Volume-14 No-2 (July’2008)
Dr. V.M sharma Download
Title Name
“Dishansh 2005” – A Java Based Software Application to Plot and Analyze Structural Data for Seismological and Geotechnical Interpretation Naveenchandra N. Srivastava Download
Stress Mapping for Preferred Orientation of Galleries in Underground Coal Mines Dr.D.N.Sharma Download
Shear Strength of Some Rock Forming Powdered Minerals Under High Confining Pressure I. J. S. Lamba Download
Case Study of Failure of Slopes at Morni Hills Anupam Mital
Praveen Aggarwal
New SRF Values for Moderately Jointed Rocks Naresh Kumar Download
Stability Assessment of Underground Openings in British Rocks Using Fracture Toughness as Failure Criterion A.G. Pathan
R.N. Singh
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