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Volume-13 No-1 (January’2007)
Chairman and Editors Download
Title Name
Would it Have Been Possible to Predict October 08, 2005
Kashmir Earthquake? Possibility of Another Earthquake in Himalayas
D. Shanker Download
Case History of Head Race Tunnel of Dulhasti Hydroelectric Project D. G. Kadkade Download
Critical State Mechanics in Prediction of Polyaxial Strength of Intact Rocks Mahendra Singh Bhawani Singh Download
Modelling of Jointed Rock Mass Using Practical
Equivalent Continuum Concept
V.B.Maji & T. G. Sitharam Download
Performance of New Innovative Cutting Machines
in Dolomitic Marble Mining
S.C Jain Download
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Volume-13 No-2 (July’2007)
Editors, JRMTT Download
Title Name
Support Requirement for Underground Excavation Using Numerical Technique A.K. Ghosh Download
Study of Rockfall at Amritanjan Bridge Site on Mumbai – Pune Expressway Kishor Kumar
P. S. PrasadNitesh K. Goyal & Sudhir Mathur
Economical Grout for Tunnelling through Highly Jointed and
Sheared Water-Charged Strata in Himalayan Region
Naveesh Sharma Download
Constitutive Laws for Jointed Rock Mass N.K. Samadhiya Download
Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping and Digital Elevation
Model (DEM) Development of a Part of Tehri Dam
Reservoir Area Pertaining to Bhilangna Valley
N. C. N. Srivastava Download
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