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Volume-15 No-1 (January’2009)
N. R. Barton
Norway, 17.12.2008
Title Name
Control of Earthquakes by Lakes in Himalayas and Vicinity Bhawani Singh, D. Shanker,Mahendra Singh Download
Comparison of Modulus of Deformation of Rock Mass by Different Methods Rajbal Singh Download
Designing and Optimizing Support System – Case Study Tabriz of Metro Single Tunnel A.H. Ghazvinian, K. Goshtasbi,N. Ghasempour Download
Effect of Repeated Blast Vibrations on Rock Mass Damage at a Penstock Tunnel of a Hydroelectric Power Project – A Case Study M. Ramulu, T.G. Sitharam,P.B. Choudhury Download
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Volume-15 No-2 (July’2009)
Dr.V.M Sharma , president ISRMTT Download
Title Name
Strength Characteristics of Hollow Specimens from Sedimentary Rocks Moataz A. Al-Obaydi Download
Measurement of In Situ Shear Strength of Rock Mass Rajbal Singh Download
Investigation of Dynamic Response for Blast Hole Wall in Rock Excavations K. Goshtasbi Download
Predictions of Shear Displacement in Fully Grouted Rock Bolt T.N.Singh, M.K.Verma A.K.Verma & K.Sarkar Download
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