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Volume-1 No-1 (January’2011)
Chairman and Editors Download
Title Name
Earthquake Mechanism and Active Tectonics of Eastern Nepal Himalayas and Vicinity Harihar Paudyal Download
Efficacy of Grouting in Head Race Tunnel of Tala Hydroelectric Project Rajbal Singh, U.S. Vidyarthi Download
Least Square Support Vector Machine Applied to Elastic Modulus of Jointed Rock Mass Pijush Samui Download
Stress Dependency of Rock Mass Modulus In Predicting Closure of Underground Openings Mahendra Singh, M.N. Viladkar,Jaysing Choudhari, R. Rajaraman Download
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Volume-1 No-2 (July’2011)
Title Name
Use of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete (PFRS) for Rock Slope Protection at Tala Hydroelectric Project
in Bhutan – A Case Study
Rajbal Singh, A.K. Sthapak Download
An Engineering Assessment of Pre-Injection in Tunnelling N.R.Barton Download
Effect of Rock Mass Discontinuities on Shock Wave Attenuation Produced by Ground Surface Explosion Abdolhadi Ghazvinian, Shahima Rahmatipour Download
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