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Volume-18 No-1 (January’2012) JRMTT
– Dr. Subhash Mitra
Chief Editor, JRMTT
Title Name
Selection of Suitable Location for Large Underground Openings in Complex Geology Amit Gupta, Aditya K. Bhat Download
Analysis of Excavation Shapes on Fully Grouted Rock Bolt using EFEM Debasis Deb, Kamal C. Das
Sandeep Kavala
Seismic Microzonation for Kochi City, India in GIS Environment A. Kumar, H. N. Singh
D. Shanker
Simple Approach to Non-Linear Analysis of Jointed Rocks V. B. Maji Download
Polyaxial Stress Analysis of Underground Openings using FLAC D. Scussel, S. Chandra Download
Download Download Download
Volume-18 No-2 (July’2012) JRMTT
Dr. Bhawani Singh,
Title Name
An Experimental Study on Ultimate Bearing Capacity of a Foundation in Anisotropic Rock Masses Ajay Bindlish, Mahendra Singh
N. K. Samadhiya
Meso-Scale Landslide Hazard Zonation (LHZ) Mapping Technique – A Case Study of Nainital Area, Uttarakhand D. Chakraborty, R. Anbalagan Download
State-of-the-Art of Tunnelling Through Squeezing Ground Conditions R.D. Dwivedi1, R.K. Goel
M. Singh, M.N. Viladkar
Download Download