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Volume-19 No-1 (January’2013) JRMTT
Title Name
Some Important Issues in Engineering Rock Mass Classifications R. K. Goel Download
effect of Transverse Isotropy of Rock Mass on Lined Pressure Tunnels using Finite Element Method Siva Parvathi, T.V.Praveen Download
Tightness Testing of Unlined Rock Storage Caverns G. Kannan*, A. Nanda Download
Engineering Geological Investigations of Deep Open Surge Pool
Area of Lift Irrigation Scheme – A Case Study from Telangana State,
A.K. Nathani*, D.S. Rawat, L.G. Singh, Prasanna Jain Download
Scour Depth Computation in Soft Rock Satyendra Mittal*, V.A. Sawant, J.P. Sahoo Download
Effect of Weathering on the Modulus of Deformation of Gneisses of Peninsular India Hari Dev*, S. L. Gupta Download
A Study on Grout Estimate for Crude Oil Storage in Rock Cavern Saikat Pal*, G. Kannan, A. Nanda Download
Rock Mechanics Investigations by Direct and Indirect Methods Rajbal Singh*, Sanjeev Kumar Garg** Download
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