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Volume-19 No-1 (January’2013) JRMTT
Dr. Rajbal Singh
President, ISRMTT
Title Name
Rock Supports and Geological Appraisal for Head Race Tunnel of Tala Hydroelectric Project, Bhutan Hari Dev, Rajbal Singh C.K. Sengupta Download
Investigation of Delay Time Precision in Pyrotechnic Detonators Harsh K. Verma, N. R. Thote Download
Assessment and Mitigation of Blast Induced Vibration and Overbreak in Kol Dam Hydroelectric Power Project, India – A Case Study Harsh K. Verma, R. K. Goel V. V. R. Prasad Download
Effect of Spacing and Orientation of Joints in the Rock on Stress Variation in Lined Pressure Tunnels using Finite Element Method I. Siva Parvathi, T. V. Praveen K. Suresh Kumar Download
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Volume-19 No-2 (July’2013) JRMTT
A. B. Pandya
President, ISRMTT
& Member (D&R), CWC
Title Name
Dynamic Rock Testing and Performance Study of Underground Structures Subjected to Blasting and Seismicity R. K. Goel1, Bhawani Singh Subhash Mitra Download
Monitoring of Jhakri Landslide in Bari Village Area of Himachal Pradesh S.K. Mittal, Manjeet Singh Bhoop Singh Download
Effect of Saturation and Deformation Rate on Split Tensile Strength for Various Sedimentary Rocks K.S. Pathania Download
Study of Numerical Modelling of a Rock Slope Based on Modified Mohr-Coulomb Criterion S.Rukhaiyar, M. Singh A. Pain Download
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