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Volume-20 No-1 (January’2014) JRMTT
– Dr. Manoj Verman
Vice President at Large
International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM)

Technical Director, Geodata Engineering

Title Name
3D Tunnel Seismic Prediction: A Next Generation Tool to Characterize Rock Mass Conditions Ahead of the Tunnel Face T. Dickmann Download
Stress Measurements by Hydraulic Fracturing for Design of Steel Liner for Head Race Tunnel – A Case Study Rajbal Singha, A.K. Dhawanb,
Ranjodh Singhc
The Behaviour of Rock Support in Tunnels in Seismic Regions with a Case Study of a Large Underground Cavern in the Himalayas Rajinder Bhasin, Thomas Pabst Download
Effect of Shape of Twin Tunnels during Seismic Loading S.D.Anitha Kumaria, K.S. Vipinb,
T.G. Sitharama
Download Download Download
Volume-20 No-2 (July’2014) JRMTT
Chairman and Editors, JRMTT Download
Title Name
Parametric Analysis of An Empirical Correlation Predicting Support Pressure in Squeezing Ground R. D. Dwivedi, M. Singh,
M. N. Viladkar, R. K. Goel
Steel Liners for Pressure Shafts – Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Other Quality Control Aspect Hari Dev, R.K. Jagota,
Rajbal Singh
Stress Orientation in the Godavari Gondwana Graben, India A. Manohar Rao, D.N.Sharma Download
Behaviour of Limestone Rock with Opening under Confining Pressures Moataz A. Al-Obaydi,
Yussra H. Al-Jobory
Geological Overbreak: A Viewpoint of Storage Cavern Excavation Saikat Pal, Vijay Shahri Download
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