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Volume-1 No-1 (January’2015)
Dr. Subhash Mitra
Chief Editor, JRMTT
Title Name
Influence of Support Pressure on Stress Variation in Cracked Concrete Lined Pressure Tunnels I. S. Parvathi, T. V. Praveen Download
Shear Strength Evaluation for Dam Foundations on Rock K. R. Dhawan Download
Analysis of In Situ Test Data for Deformation Modulus of Weak Pyroclastic Rock Mass Hari Dev, Rajbal Singh Download
An Investigation on Stability of Mine Slopes using Two Dimensional Numerical Modelling V. Vishal, S. P. Pradhan,T. N. Singh Download
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Volume-1 No-2 (July’2015)
– Dr. Rajbal Singh
Past President, ISRMTT
Title Name
Extraction of Locked-Up Coal in Standing Pillars in Indian Underground Coal Mines A. Kushwaha, R. Bhattacharjee,S. Tewari, A. Sinha Download
Use of Appropriate Geophysical Technique for Subsurface Assessment Birendra Pratap, Hari Dev, Rajbal Singh Download
A New Approach to Estimate Joint Roughness Coefficient and its Influence on Bond Strength of Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete D. Kumar, P. K. Behera,U. K. Singh Download
Risk Analysis of High Hill Slopes – A Case History P. K. Singh, Ashutosh Kainthola,T. N. Singh Download
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